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SKF rulman HA2344 rulman HA2344 ,HA2344 rulmanlar,SKF rulman HA2344 rulmanlar

FOB Fiyat : US $ 0,1-100 / Parçalar
liman: Şangay ve Shenzhen
Asgari Sipariş Miktarı : 1 Parçalar
tedarik Yetenek : Günlük 5000 Adet / Adet
Ödeme koşulları : L/C,T/T

Ürün Detayı

Hızlı Ayrıntılar

  • Model numarası: HA2344
  • tip:
  • Marka adı: SKF
  • d:
  • D:
  • B:
  • duyarlıklı : P0 P4 P5
  • Sertlik: 58-63 HRC
  • düzey: ABEC1-9
  • Titreşim : V4, V3, V2, V1
  • numunesi: mevcut
  • hisse senedi: büyük envanter
  • Fiyat: rekabetçi fiyat
  • Teslimat : zamanında teslimat
  • ana Pazarlar: Güney Amerika, Kuzey Amerika
  • zaman: 2015-11-12 13:31:00

Paketleme ve Teslimat

1.Endüstriyel ambalaj: plastik torba + kraft kağıt + karton + kontrplak palet; plastik tüp + karton + kontrplak palet

2.Profesyonel ambalaj: 1 adet çanta + renk kutusu / karton + kontrplak + plastik paletler

3.Kendi ihtiyaçlarına göre OEM marka veya

4. teslimat Detay : 7-10 gün

Teknik Özellikler

1. Mükemmel kalite ve uzun ömürlü

2. Yüksek hassasiyet ve düşük gürültü

3. Rekabetçi fiyat

4. zamanında nakliye


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We are manufacturer bearings. We have manufactured bearing HA2344 SKF HA2344 bearings HA2344 for 20 years, with high quality and competitive
price. We also manufacture several types of bearings. You can view as follows:

Our main products are:
1) Ball bearings
2) Ball Bearing
3) roller bearings
4) ball bearings
5) The bearing angular contact ball bearings
6) Ball Bearings Thrust
7) Spherical Bearings
8) The roller bearings
9) tapered roller bearings
10) Inch tapered roller bearings nonstandard
11) Cylindrical roller bearings
12) thrust bearings
13) full complement cylindrical roller bearings
14) needle bearings
15) Pillow Block Bearings
16) Joint bearings
17) eccentric bearings
18) Auto Bearings
19) plastic bearings
20) ceramic bearings
21) Stainless steel bearings
22) The high temperature bearings
23) Truck Bearings
24) excavator bearings
25) Wheel bearings
26) The ball screw bearings
27) Linear Bearings
28) bearing housing
29) bushing sleeve

rich Stock:

Application of  bearing HA2344 SKF HA2344 bearings HA2344

Our products are widely used in Auto & Motorcycle industry, hydraulics, mining industry, agricultural machinery,
metallurgical, engineering machinery, petroleum and chemical industry, power plant, nuclear power plant, medicine,
anddrainage water supply, etc.

Our bearing HA2344 SKF HA2344 bearings HA2344

selling worldwide
All of our products are exported abroad, especially Europe and North America. In addition to standard
products, we have a powerful R & D department which can design non-standard products as per your special

Our bearing HA2344 SKF HA2344 bearings HA2344  High quality
Our in-house QC team test products at each stage of the manufacturing process.Random inspections are also
conducted in each product before shipment.We have attained ISO9001 and QS9000 quality system certifications.
Third party inspection is acceptable.
Commercial guarantee: to keep you safe throughout the business process, you can make your order via Alibaba trade
System warranty.
All these help us ensure the best quality, price and after-sales services and faster delivery!

bearing HA2344 SKF HA2344 bearings HA2344 packing:

1). If no special request, we will use normal packing a bag for each product, then
2) .If need special packing or carding, please list them in your E-mail.We like to make the customer
sought packaging
3) .We will use the tray to protect products in order to avoid any damage on the delivery

bearing HA2344 SKF HA2344 bearings HA2344  delivery:

1) .If quantity is not very big, we will send by UPS, DHL, FEDEX, OR EMS. Tracking number will be advised
after delivery,
2) .If order is big, we will advise you use Air Freight or Sea
3) .The balance payment should be paid before delivery to you.

bearing HA2344 SKF HA2344 bearings HA2344 Advantage of our company:

Accept some order
Even if you ask for very small bearings, we can send you
Free samples
If you want to check the quality or package, we can send you some samples for free
Price quotating Quick
Once we receive your inquiry, we will quote immediately
High quality
We can guarantee the quality is the best. Not only, but samples of products.
Fast delivery
After placing the order, we can prepare bearings soon and send out the same day. We have large bearings amounts in stock
cooperation Courier / shipping company
cooperation Courier / shipping company
We have a long time cooperate couriers include DHL / FEDEX / TNT / EMS;
and shipping company. can give you the best price of shipping
Technical support
We have our own technicalities, the promise of good quality bearings
bearing HA2344 SKF HA2344 bearings HA2344 Our service:

Customer service:

Any questions should be sent get reply within 24 hours.

Waiting time:

Sample lead-times: usually 7 days.
Production lead-times: 35 working days after receiving your deposit.

Transit time:

For small or urgent weight, the goods will be shipped by express DHL / FedEx / UPS / TNT / EMS
To produce max, goods will be shipped by sea / by air.
According to customer requirements.

After sales service:

Before shipment, the products will be strictly inspected by our factory QC process System.Just in the case,
There abnormal.Please contact us in the first half of customer complaints handling process will boot
once.Implementation in the system will be out within 48 hours.We will negotiate with
client to find a reasonable way to resolve and compensate.


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